Thursday, August 20, 2009

Award +Tagged + Giveaway

The Expressions of You Lemonade Stand Award was given to me by Four beautiful ladies......Rhain(Rhaindropz&Makeup), Joanna(Jbreezy's Makeup), Jackie(The Narcissus Project),& Christine(C.Tang)...Thank You so much Ladies.....and Please check out there fab blogs....
For this award, you are supposed to nominate 12 blogs that you love to read. I love to read all the blogs that I am following but rules are here are the 12 nominees...
Crystal Ball,
Lily G.

I was also tagged by Rhain to do 6 Things that makes me Happy:

1.My one & only big sis was diagnosed with Lymphoma last dec. 2007, and until now she is under therapy but everytime she have improvements in her tests makes us all in the family so "HAPPY"....
2.Whenever I see people helping out each other makes me "HAPPY", like when all my family and cousins help 'baby shem' had his eye surgery because his parents can't afford it...
3.Receiving & Sending Letters (Snail Mail) or even just a call from friends & family just to know how we are, makes me "HAPPY".
4. Watching Anime Shows......makes me happy!!!
5.Collecting things that I love...makes me Happy!!!
6. Going to Ocean City, MD....makes me Happy...:D

Giveaway Alert:
Denysia is Having a kawaii giveaway...check it out...



Shopn'Chomp said...

Congrats on your award, girl!

What a sweet and cute list. I love it when a family gets together and helps one another out. Plus, are those collections all yours girl? Wow!

Emily said...

congrats on your award!

woo, i luv collecting things too, yah and snail mail is so much better than e-mail :]

wah~ u luv anime too yay, i really like peach girl and ouran high school host club, (sumtimes i really wish i could live in japan, there school life seems so fun, unlike cali, school life is pretty dull lol) hey so whats that 3rd anime? can u tell me, whenu have time...thanks :

amynaree said...

congrats on your award!

ohh i remember the days when I use to be such an anime fanatic :D

Jbreezybaby said...

awwwww that story bout ur sister. She must be a strong person, I wish her the best in life and I hope she will eventually get out of it. Yes I LOVE the dollar store! have a great day hun!

Jackie said...

I love your post. Your family seems really close and I think that's wonderful. I used to really love anime too but I haven't watched any in a while.

Great pictures as usual. Congratulations on the awards!

Kalmo said...

Hi Adin!

Thank you for following and commenting on my blog, I am also subscribed to your nice blog now! Nice to meet you!

I love your tag answer. The ones for your sister and the baby made me sad but also warm thinking about improvement. I love snail mail and watching anime too! Collecting things are fun as well! And I loved your lovely mall hall from the previous post . I hope we can be blogger buddies!

Crystal Ball said...

Thank you so much for the award! You really are so very sweet. And your list is so sweet.

Blair said...

What! I'm so flattered that you like to read my blog! Thank you so much!!!

I like receiving stuff snail mail style. For some reason, it makes me happy hahaha. Girly, what are you collecting? I think I saw Harry Potter? I'm a big fan as well =D

Amanda K said...

Congrats on your award!
Thank you for passing it to me! =)

Sorry to hear about your sis but I hope she continues to do well with the treatment.