Friday, May 6, 2011

Unending Love

Hello My Friends.....I'm Back!!! After a long period of absence, I hope to catch up as I've been out of the loop for a long long here's my uber-late February Recap.....

Last February, I've made a Bikini Bottom cupcakes for hubby's Spongebob Theme birthday Party, Valentine's Dinner was at The Firehouse Restaurant, Another New York weekend for a friends engagement pictorial and we also get to try Grimaldi's which was "the longest line I've waited for just a pizza",but totally worth it...We also get to visit the family in Maryland and for the first time I got to meet my new baby cousin which you'll all going to see on my future posts and get to play with my nephew who loves Donald Duck so much...Babysitting our friends daughter, Isn't she adorable?....I'm still addicted to florals and lastly been busy with Woodpainting....before saying goodbye for now, I have to share my most favorite shopruche lookbook ever...It's kinda late cuz' I know they have a new one right now...but this is just incredibly beautiful to pass up.