Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hello Everyone!!!!

How's everybody doing? I'm so sorry I've not been updating for awhile, largely because we just moved to a new place and we just got internet connection & now I was told that we are moving again...:( so what have I've been doing lately:

I've just finished unpacking all our stuff, even color coordinating clothes in the closet and now I'm packing again.....I'm so elated**sarcasm, I'm just so tired and stressed out....

Been Taking a lot of Pictures lately just because I already got my hubby's birthday gift...hehe...

Catching up on all the blogs I'm subscribed to..

Done with the latest episode of my current fave K-drama...and I don't want it to end....:( I still can't get enough of it....

Watched New Moon and surprisingly I didn't like it....don't hate I'm a fan...I got all the books & some merchandise, but I just hate the movie...so disappointing...

been haulin' lots of crap lately, I got so excited when I discovered a kawaii store in Pittsburgh....

Other News:Image vis cakejournal.com

♥♥ Tomorrow is my Birthday!!!!!! ♥♥

no celebration...we were supposed to spend it with family but all our plans got cancelled because we have to pack & move again....Birthday & Thanksgiving dinner would be left over pizza....:( so let's just all pretend that that'smy birthday cake....

I'm going to be MIA again......but expect a surprise when I'm back.....

I'm now back in the Quaker State.....:D

and lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random October Hauls

This is a very late post...It has been on my drafts for a very long time...
these are my random hauls for the month of October...
I got this My Little Twin Star Pouch from Denysia, she makes cute pouches in her
Miss Comfortology site, please do check it out, she has lots of cute stuff...
she also included some freebies.....Thanks denysia...
Steve Madden Boots

Etienne Aigner Ankle Boots


Ameican Eagle Outfitters Bag, I bought this bag a month ago for it's original price & then last weekend I saw this one on sale for like 75% off....what the @#%$^.....

Mossimo Blazer

Me Jane Faux Leather Jacket

Gap for Kids, just because the "for adult ones" are too expensive
for a cheapskate like me...hehe

Forever 21 Shawl/Hoody with pompoms.....( I forgot what it's called...so I made this up)

Forever 21 Stripe Blazer
Forever 21 Skirt

Random Hauls
With Love (Hillary Duff) Gift Set

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Lip Butter

Mini Sasa Haul......

Kai Mascara Guard

Koji Eyelash Curler No. 73

Dariya Hair Magic Sheet (Black)

Hello Kitty Love...at Target everything for a dollar....


Color Tag, Award & Polka Dotted Apple's First Giveaway.....


I was tagged by the pretty Amy of AmyNaree to do the color tag...you are suppose to find 7 things around you with a specific color and amy chose the color BROWN, here it is....

Polymer Clay Bracelet that my sister made for me....
NineWest Bag


Cookie Mirror & Comb (free from Sasa)

Guess Watch (which I got for almost 4 years)

Carvel Snickers Ice Cream Cake (our fave)

Hubby's Acoustic Guitar

I'm Tagging the following with the color Lavender:
Blair, ATingblings, Blovet Beauty, Aicha, Hana, Dina, Amy, Lisa, Lulu, ChinkyMel, Mapple, Rhain, Pop Champagne, Daituf, Eva, Toothfairy, Emily,Mona, Zoe, Stacieee, Yumeko, Miumiu, xphoebelinax

I also want to thank Mapple for giving me this award...Thanks sweetie....

The Polka-dotted Apple's FIRST Giveaway!

1) Must be a follower.
2) One comment per person. If more than one, the person will be disqualified.
3) Giveaway ends on November 29, 2009 at 11:59PM EST
4) Must have more than 10 people enter or it will be cancelled.
5) Winner will be chosen at random via random.org.
6) Include your email in your comment.
7) Open internationally.

Answer these questions in a blog post and link back to my giveaway post**:
  • What is your most prized possession? My Wedding Ring
  • What is your definition of beauty? Beauty is being comfortable on who you are & being happy with yourself....
  • What makeup item (Brand and name of product) would you recommend to me? I don't have that much but I would definitely recommend the Kevin Bautymaker Love Pupu cheek blush in Pink....
  • What is your favorite KIND of makeup item and why? Blush, I'm just addicted to it & I don't know why...
  • A weird factoid about you. :B I've got tons of nailpolishes but I could never use nailpolish on my fingernails just because I believe it makes it uglier...
  • What is the fondest memory of your childhood? going to the beach house with cousins...
  • Describe yourself honestly. I'm a loyal friend, but a happy go lucky person, I'm stubborn, lazy but responsible, I have difficulty in expressing myself & kinda shy....
  • Tell me something I could do to improve my blog.... Honestly, I love your blog the way it is....more posts & pictures I guess.....


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I ♥ Daily.......F21 H81 Wool Blend Moto Jacket

I've been checking out this Forever 21 jacket online for a while, until I saw it at the store and I know I had to have it....and this is my current favorite.....Forever21 $42.90
On the Model

On Me!!

Have a Great Week Everyone!!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

I ♥ Daily......You're Beautiful

I'm Officially a K-drama addict.....I've been watching k-dramas non-stop for a week now....and my current favorite is "You're Beautiful", if you love Boys before Flowers you''ll definitely like this one....