Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random October Hauls

This is a very late post...It has been on my drafts for a very long time...
these are my random hauls for the month of October...
I got this My Little Twin Star Pouch from Denysia, she makes cute pouches in her
Miss Comfortology site, please do check it out, she has lots of cute stuff...
she also included some freebies.....Thanks denysia...
Steve Madden Boots

Etienne Aigner Ankle Boots


Ameican Eagle Outfitters Bag, I bought this bag a month ago for it's original price & then last weekend I saw this one on sale for like 75% off....what the @#%$^.....

Mossimo Blazer

Me Jane Faux Leather Jacket

Gap for Kids, just because the "for adult ones" are too expensive
for a cheapskate like me...hehe

Forever 21 Shawl/Hoody with pompoms.....( I forgot what it's called...so I made this up)

Forever 21 Stripe Blazer
Forever 21 Skirt

Random Hauls
With Love (Hillary Duff) Gift Set

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Lip Butter

Mini Sasa Haul......

Kai Mascara Guard

Koji Eyelash Curler No. 73

Dariya Hair Magic Sheet (Black)

Hello Kitty Love...at Target everything for a dollar....



Dina (XYYan) said...

this post is on Nov. 10! haha..
OMG, you're really good at taking pictures! the pouch is so cute
you bought GAP kids? LOL, and the hoody with pompoms, this really cracked me up!
please tell us if the Koji eyelash curler works for you :)

Diane said...

LOL you're so cute with your Gap for Kids sweater. We missed you, glad your back and blogging. Love the Mascara Guard and the Koji Eyelash curlers those are my favorite curlers.

The dollar section at Target= The best thing ever!

amynaree said...

cute hauls!! the pouch you got from Denysia is so adorable

I love your leather jacket and the F21 shawl! I really do need to do some winter clothes shopping, i'm so behind!

Kym said...

wowhoaaaa hauls galore! hehe! love denysia's pouch and all the f21 stuff!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh girl, you already got a Little Twin Stars pouch? Oh well, I guess you have 2 now! ;)

That is one niiice haul you got going! You totally scored with that AE Outfitters bag and I wish I could shop at GAP Kids! I have a friend who does this. So jealous of you two!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

the pouch is cute

it really bums me out too when i buy a product at its original price then all of a sudden i would it go on sale for more than 50%

do tell us about the koji lash curler. i think i have read somewhere that it works great for asian lashes

Vanilla said...

wow all ur hauls make me drool !
yeay finally u r back !hehe
the pocu is too cute !hehe

Blair said...

I love your haul especially your clothes!!!

MilknCookiie said...

Very cute pouch! How is the Koji eyelash curler? I've been wanting to try one out but I haven't gotten the chance yet. D:

★ Cookiie