Monday, June 13, 2011

Catching Up (March Recap)

One advantage of blogging about your life, is that you get to be reminded of simple things that made you happy, reminiscing the beautiful memories that you want to treasure for the rest of your life and making a bad day (such as today) better...

Hubby and I went to the Cornwall Iron Furnace (Cornwall, PA) on the first weekend of March, I mainly went there to take pictures but of course we did the tour inside the furnace and as much as I don't care anything about Ironmaking, I love how old and historical the place is.
while on our way home we passed by the Hershey Story Museum and Negley Park.

Beautiful Pennsylvania Countryside
Clockwise: at Cornwall, PA, Harrisburg, PA, walkway at Hershey Story, Ironmaster's Mansion
Clockwise: Target Freebie,Baked some Banana Nut Muffin,
my first ever Modcloth Dress, St. Patrick's Day
The last engagement photo session with friends was shot at Lancaster, PA...
and I was so happy with the results,doing things that you love is the most satisfying thing ever!
We celebrated our third year wedding anniversary with a simple dinner. Marrying this boy is a dream come true for me, I still remember my 15 year old self wanting to spend the rest of my life with him. I feel so blessed to have him.
We were in New York City for hubby's seminar by the end of March.
What would you do if you were left alone in the city to do whatever you want??
for me..Eat, Shop and People Watching...
and I also get to be with my cousins and spend time with them,
see my cutie pie nephew again with his shake shack fries.
A cousin also taught me how to photograph Light Trails,
this isn't perfect but I'm still proud of myself.
We also get to try Hop Kee on that trip in the city, It's a chinese restaurant that was featured in Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations..honestly, nothing special with the food and the place isn't that nice as well...
but hubby loves it so we'll probably be back there soon...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!