Thursday, August 12, 2010

A (Late) Piece of Me in August and Day1&2 Orlando Vacation

Several weeks ago, me, hubby and one of my bestie went on a vacation at Orlando, Florida and after our vacation we moved to a new city and a new apartment so I got a little busy and laziness got over me again...haha...that's my excuse for today....but seriously I missed all of you and as promised (to my blogger buddies) here's some of my vacation photos but......

first off...A late Piece of Me for the month of August

I like.....
  • I'm done Unpacking & Organizing...
  • K-drama, Costco, New Apartment, Rompers...
I don't like.......
  • Hubby's new assignment...
  • I just discovered yesterday that I have some signs & symptoms of scleroderma or worse..I'm a bit scared....:(
I want you to know.......
  • I've been reading all your posts....
I've planned......
  • for another Vacation...
  • we'll be at Renaissance Faire next week....hope it wouldn't disappoint me..
I want to say to someone special......
  • Happy Birthday to my Mom and to my favorite cousin.....I love you both!

Orlando Vacation Day One.......

Disney's EPCOT

The Future World

Glad I had the kids meal, as I wasn't so happy about the food...

Disney's Monorail

We Enjoyed the World Showcase so much...
Canadian Mickey's & Pluto's

This pavilion has totem poles, falls, garden, a steakhouse and O Canada!(360°movie)

United Kingdom
lots of shops selling brit items & a pub

this was supposed to look like Paris,
with two french restaurants & a bakery...
I was so surprised to see a Guerlain store here.

This was our favorite, feels so much like you're in Morocco..
with mosiacs, baazars and belly dancers...

This pavilion has japanese restaurants,
a huge store which sells japanese items from clothing,kitchenware,books,candies to hello kitty...
and Taiko drummers

Everybody love japanese snacks..
this one was taken from a small shop outside.

The American Adventure
with an audio-animatronic stage show which we didn't have time to see...

A replica of St. Mark's Campanile(pictured), Neptune Fountain,
Doge's Palace, a restaurant
and a shop which sells Italian goods such as Bulgari and Moschino perfumes

Includes a german restaurant, shops selling german goods
and a miniature village and train

there's really nothing in here except for a safari themed shop

A replica of Temple of Heaven (pictured),
a "Reflections of China" China's history & scenery in 360°movie
and two Chinese Restaurants..

Mini Terracotta Army

A Stave Church, a restaurant & shop and Maelstrom (a viking ship ride)

The main building is a Pyramid and inside are shops, mexican restaurant
an exhibit and an indoor boat ride similar to "It's a small world".
my most favorite part is the Illuminations:Reflection of Earth show at the world showcase lagoon, it features fireworks, lights , lasers. fire and fountains.

Orlando Vacation Day Two....


Orlando Vacation wouldn't be complete without a visit to "The Most Magical Place on Earth"...

Breakfast Buffet at Crystal Palace....yummm

and while eating you'll get to meet Winnie the pooh &

Cinderella Castle with Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse Statue

Swiss Family Treehouse

Inside Minnie's Home

Dumbo Ride

The Parade

Haunted Mansion's Ghosts....haha....

Tom Sawyer's Island

The Summer Nightastic! Fireworks Spectacular

To end the day is the Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade

That's it for now......
Day 3 to 5 coming up!!!