Friday, August 28, 2009

All about Bags & Giveaways



There are 3 rules to take part in my giveaway contest:

1) U must be one of my followers ("click follow" now if u are not one) in my blog & twitter, share this giveaway news in your blog to your rest of your followers and add a link to my blog (compulsory!) Leave me a comment under this post indicating
A) Your name
B) Your Blog URL
C) Entry URL
D)Which prize u wish to have #1 or #2?
2) As u guys know i love Bags, so show me 2 pictures of your whole bag collections and 1 photo of your favorite bag/purse (u wish or own) with a short description why u like it the most in your blog.. (oh i can't wait to see your bag collection ladies out there)
3) A short description about what's your first impression of me when u first read my blog and guess my age? Be it a good or bad comment just tell me how you feel about me and i would like to see if i seriously need any anti age skincare. LOL (i am all ready with a pack of tissue just for sobbing). LOL

Contest ends: 31st August
, 12MN Singapore time (UTC/GMT +8 HOURS) Winners will be inform via your blog and my blog


Here's my Entry:

These are the bags that I have with me right now (like 60% of my collection), I love bags, who doesn't? but I don't have any luxury bags right now...the brands that I mostly have are: (In this Photos) Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, Gap, Hollister,Tommy Hillfiger, Coach, XOXO, Fossil, Billabong, Harajoko Lovers, AE, NineWest
This is the bag that I wish I own the Marc Jacobs Stam Bag...I love the color...and the style is so similar to chanel....
The lovely Lisa of ShopN'Chomp Tagged me to do this what's in my bag? tag...
check out her entry here ....Thanks Lisa!!

♥Camera Case with Camera (of course..:D) ♥Samsung Cellphone ♥Makeup Pouch (Avon Lip & cheek Tint, Mini B&BW Body Spray, Softlips balm, Mac Lipgloss, Smith's Lipbalm Minted Rose, Burts Bees Lipbalm & COBigelow Mentha Liptint) ♥B&BW Breathe at Night intense hydration body cream (use as handcream; my fave) ♥Green Flower Hair Tie ♥Spare Car key,House keys, USB...etc... ♥Elf Shine Eraser ♥Current Book I'm reading (The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold) ♥Coach Purse (use as wallet) ♥Sugarfree Gum ♥Nintendo DS in Case ♥Sunglasses

I tag everyone who wants to do this tag and please tell me if you did it cuz' I also want to check it out!!!

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XOXO, Iris


amynaree said...

cute bag collection!! i have a ds too but I'm always too lazy to carry it around in my bag some some odd reason :)

Kym said...

woooH! giveaways galore! and *drools* i want that marc jacobs bag!! =S

A View from the Edge said...

Good luck on your contest entry =). Yeah, I wish I have that Marc Jacob's bag, too =)

Kalmo said...

Awesome bag collection. You have wonderful taste, that Marc Jacobs bag is to die for! Love it. I need to start carrying my camera in my bag like you too, I'm a bad blogger! XD

Shopn'Chomp said...

What a lovely bag collection you have, Iris! I especially adore Harajuku Lovers. So kawaii! *^_^*

Thanks for doing the tag, babe! You are so organized and always seem to be reading a book. I kinda feel like a And I know I'm not crazy when I say this but everyone but me seems to have a Nintendo DS...a ha!