Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting to know you......

The Lovely Christine of C.Tang-Love, Food, Make-Up, and Life posted these questions on her blog to get to know her readers much better...what a very nice feel free to answer the questions and post it on your blogs as are my answers:

1. What's your name?
Nicola Iris

2. What's one item you cannot leave your house without?
Digital Cam......I never go out without it....

3. What is one cosmetic that you find yourself buying over and over again?
Burts Bee's Lip Balm...even my husband use it...

4. What is one cosmetic that you always wear in your look?
A Blush...I just love blushes...I think it is also the very first makeup that I got..

5. How do you decide what you wear? (clothes and make up)
With clothes it depends on where am I going, what occasion and of course the weather, if I'm going to a party or meeting friends I would really think about what to wear a few weeks ahead cuz I don't want people to see me with the same clothes...but if I'm just going to the grocery or run some errands I will just grab whatever it is that I see on my drawer or closet as long as it is comfy, clean and no crease... with makeup I tend to use the same stuff over & over again except for lippies......but most of the time I'll just put on a face powder,blush and a lip balm.

6. What's one song you find yourself playing over and over again right now?
Gravity by Sarah Bareilles

7. What's one cosmetic item you've had your eye on but haven't bought?
Mac Angel Lipstick

8. If you could only own one pair of shoes, what pair would it be? (Evil question, I know haha)
this is a very difficult question...I live on my Hollister flipflops but when the winter comes I can't go out with i would say a comfy sneakers.My Current Favorite

9. Where do you buy most of your cosmetics?
Random Online Store, Drugstores, mall

10. How do you find out about new products?
I love to read magazines and from you wonderful bloggers....and Youtube..

11. How do you decide what cosmetics you buy?
I read reviews from blogs...and sometimes I check it out at and it really depends on how much am I willing to spend on it..

12. How did you get into make up?
It started from watching Youtube Makeup Gurus...I'm such a late bloomer!!

13. What websites do you go to first when you open your browser?
Yahoomail..then Facebook, blogger, fabsugar.....etc....

14. Tell me a fun fact about yourself :)
I don't smoke, maybe once or twice in my whole life, I never liked it...but I love the smell of an unlit cigarette..I would smell it over & over an addict.....luckily no one in the family are smokers or else i would need to go to rehab...:)


Christine said...

I love blushes too! It's such an addiction. I don't even know why haha

thanks so much for filling this out :)

amynaree said...

cute facts!! i'm a late bloomer too, just started blogging from watching makeup gurus on youtube as well :) of the things i wear the most is blushes as well...but for some reason i like to buy lip products, but i never use 'em!

Shopn'Chomp said...

Hee hee...what an interesting fun fact...don't think I've heard of that one! My dad used to smoke so I know exactly what that smell is.

Cool kicks! And you know what? My hubs uses Burt's Bees too but I can't b/c it gives me red bumps. :( I have way too sensitive lips. *sigh*

jannie said...

i enjoyed reading the questionaire about yourself. i think your name is very pretty, by the way. :)

haha... youtube is also where i find out about new cosmetics too. also through everyone's blogs. the reviews really come in handy. :)

that's really generous of to have free shipping offers right now in addition to great prices. thanks for letting me know about that. :) they carry a lot of great deals there too. :)