Monday, September 28, 2009


On Sept. 26, the Philippine capital Manila and its neighboring provinces suffered one of nature's worst beating. Typhoon Ondoy, international code name Ketsana, poured more than a month's worth of rain in six hours, submerging most parts of... the bustling metropolis, drowning at least a hundred people as of press time.

To all who wish to help in the rescue and relief in the Philippines please visit the official
Red Cross website.

They need our prayers, it's not the least we could do.... it's the best thing we could give. We could pray for more kind hearts to offer goods and money, pray for families who lost their loved ones to ease their pain, pray for strength to stand up from this disaster and pray for everyone to keep their faith amidst this tragedy.



amynaree said...

mother nature sure can be evil sometimes :(

sorry to hear about this, i'm definitely going to make a small donation.. every little bit helps

it's actually finally fall-like today kind of cold and windy..but over the weekend it was super hot had a/c on full blast both sat and sun..

have a good monday ^ ^

Vanessa M. said...

awe :( this is so sad it hurts..
Donation being made :)

May said...

I'm sorry to hear about this. I plan to make a donation.

Hana aka acutelife said...

Yes,prayer isn't the least thing to do, will donate some..

Emily said...

i will pray for them, reminds me of last month 8-8-09 the flood in Taiwan, luckily all of my family members were fine :]

but still there were lots of ppls that died on 8-8-09

but yah, I'll pray!!!

Kalmo said...

World events like this are so saddening, my prayers go out to everyone involved and effected by this tragedy.

Shopn'Chomp said...

This is so sad. :( I am a supporter of the Red Cross so will definitely be donating.